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What is Broadband?
Why is Sify Broadband better than other broadband connections?
What is Contention ratio? What is the contention ratio Sify broadband provides?
Will more Sify broadband users online slow down my connection?
What is fair usage policy? Does sify have a fair usage policy?
What is the difference between Unlimited Plans and Data transfer plans?
How can I get a sify broadband connection?
What is the total cost I will incur to get a sify broadband connection?
How many days will it take to get my sify broadband connection?
What configuration is required on my PC to get a Sify broadband connection?
What are the documents to be furnished to get a Sify broadband connection?
Do I need a landline connection to get Sify broadband? Will I get a free landline connection?
Do I need to purchase a modem for sify broadband?
What is the difference between Sify wireless broadband and sify wired broadband?
How is sify wireless broadband connection different from data card/ Wifi?
How will I know when my pack expires?
How do I renew my account?
How do I check my account balance?
What if I forget my login password for Sify client?
Will my broadband get disconnected immediately after the due date of renewal?
How many days will my user id be valid if I do not renew my account on time?
Will I get a monthly bill for my sify broadband connection?
How can I change my broadband plan?
How do I shift my broadband connection when I change my premises?
What happens in case there is a power Cut?
Can I have more than one sify broadband connection? What if I need connection on multiple PCs?
What is an antivirus? Why should I have one on my PC?
Can I access my account from another PC with Sify broadband connection?
Whom should I contact in case of complaints?
What should I do if BB 101 pop-up appears?
What should I do if my broadband speed becomes slow?
What is the difference between broadband for home and broadband for business?
I am a SMB user, how do I benefit more from business plans compared to home plans?
What is LOS (line of sight)?
I am a cyber café owner and currently using another service provider’s broadband connection. What does Sify offer me?
After termination of services, do I have to return the subscriber unit to Sify?
How do I benefit from a Sify Mylife Cyber café/ Sify powered Café?
Is there a Sify mylife Cyber café/ Sify powered cyber café in my locality?
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