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Introducing Broadband Speed Gear Plan
Change speeds at your will, on the internet highway!
  • Why commit yourself to a high speed broadband plan that cuts through your pocket? Let your dreams take flight whenever you need with the Unique Speed Gear Plan. You can continue using your unlimited Sify Broadband plan and boost your internet speed upto 3 Mbps when you need to download movies or stream videos. You can top up over the existing unlimited plan just for a night or a weekend whenever you need. So just change your speed gear as per your requirement and zoom in internet highway. Aspire for unlimited broadband speed flexibility with Sify.
  • Speed gear plans are top-up plans, which can be activated over an active unlimited Sify broadband connection. The user's primary connection should be active at the time of purchasing & using speed gear products. The speed gear plan has to be consumed within the next period cycle. e.g. if a night gear plan is bought on a Wednesday, the plan has to be consumed on the Wednesday night itself and if a weekend gear plan is bought on a Friday, the plan has to be consumed on the weekend itself, post which the speed gear packs will be invalid .The speed gear feature will be activated from the first log in, during the defined time period for the plan. Weekend gear starts at 00.00hrs on Saturday (Friday night) and ends at 24.00 hrs on Sunday (Sunday night). So Gear Up and zoom in the internet highway with Sify.
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